Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day Massacre

Tomas destruction Oct 30 2010 Hot Pools

Planted new Dec 23 2010
Christmas Day mess

Tomas aftermath October 30 2010 Waterfall area
Fern Delivery from collecting on roadside
Native Tree Ferns and Banana Planted Dec 20 2010

Christmas Day aftermath

All planted and starting to grow. New paths rebuilt , garden beds amended . UNTIL yesterday (Dec 24th) afternoons rains made the waterfall and stream a raging torrent not unlike the hurricane of Oct 30th. All the new plantings and beds/paths were ground up and spit out down stream. So disheartening. With all other garden staff off on holiday , Bruce , the manager and myself assessed the damage christmas morning. We closed washed out paths , cleaned off walkways and hotspring pools for todays visitors to the gardens. One of the new garden beds actually sank 3 feet from being eroded underneath by storm waters. I had to remove all the plant material carefully in this unstable situation. A busy morning, now time to have lunch and relax for the day,,,,,a busy week ahead..............The new plan is to build a wall along the stream edge from the waterfall down the length of the garden. This will hopefully keep storm surges in the river and not overflowing into the garden.

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solichin said...

hi david... what a terrible thing!!
i hope things will get back to normal again like before..
and lets make good friend with nature...
and good luck with rebuilding the garden...