Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bullet Proof

Im always amazed at plants that can persevere through the harshest of conditions. Hellebore is just such a plant once established its comfortable in dry shade and minimal care. This species is the first to bloom or would that be the last to bloom for the season??? Praecox is a chance seed strain that blooms extra early and this variety has its flowers presented well above the leathery green foliage. A show at the close of fall , beginning of winter. This is a plant in Barrys garden


Anonymous said...

Dear David, I could not agree more. Hellebores are such wonderful stalwarts of the winter and early spring border. Unfussy and yet extremely showy, they are a must I feel.

David Leeman said...

Yes and this variety I have shown started blooming in October until we had a heavy snow in December....and im sure it will be there to greet in the coming spring.