Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Treasures

I am fortunate to have several garden mentors. Those that have encouraged me and helped feed my ongoing knowledge of plants and gardening. Marion Jarvie would be one of these Its always a pleasure to go help out in her incredible garden. So well designed,tended and cared for. Here are some pictures of the garden in this long cool spring we are having. Flower power is still abundant !! The Jarvie Garden is open to the public several times a year the first one this season is April 27 - 28 10 am til 4 pm check her website for the remaining dates this year.....enjoy.



Barry said...

One day I hope to have a clump of Helleborus thebetanus similar to the one shown in this post..... as of now, two single stems that I coddle every year!

David Leeman said...

Yes that species is notoriously slow and shy to bulk up