Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Evolution of a Gardener

Ive been assisting in developing this garden, the one stumbling block was the aversion to having japanese maples in the garden. A couple years ago I was able to convince the addition of an Acer shirasawanum 'aureum' set in front of a mature yew. The golden foliage glows continuously then burns to a crimson shade in fall....they have been satisfied with this choice. Now to open the door a little wider to more possibilities. There has been a temperamental Dogwood  Cornus florida  ' Cherokee Chief ' a full grown specimen of 12 feet with spectacular fall colour but over the past few summers it has been afflicted with mildew, leaf drop and fewer flowers. The suggestion was a Japanese maple.....lots of hmmmming and hawwwwing.....On the thanksgiving weekend I dug up the dogwood quite successfully with strange fleshy almost perennial like roots intact, wrapped and driven to my parents home on Lake Simcoe. Fingers crossed lets hope the open space and more sunlight keeps it healthier. In its place I have planted not one but three!! Japanese maples. I see them growing together as a grove each with unique leaf shape and fall colouring, the advantage of buying maples in the fall to pick the best of the lot for colour. The trees were purchased at one of my favourite of nurseries in Ontario, Whistling Gardens. A unique treasure trove of trees and shrubs by the masterful Darren Heimbecker.

Dogwood 'Cherokee Chief' ...(red leaf tree in middle of picture)

Dogwood in its new lakefront home...(left of picture)

 The three amigos in their now new Acer friendly home.
 Unknown name Acer
 Unknown name Acer
 Acer aconitifolium


Paul Jung said...

I don't know what's more distressing, the condition of the Cornus or your clients' non love of all things Acer palmatum, lol! I'm glad they came around to your thinking, the grove will be lovely over the years.

David Leeman said...

Yes the three trees have really intensified in colour over the past week...looking forward to their future growth.....