Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thames Barrier Park

 Thames Barrier Park London UK

This Park was a millenium project in the south east of London, the up and coming Docklands area and site of several Olympic venues. It was a real joy to walk around and discover this gem of a public park.

 Very strong and bold plantings to accentuate the impressive sight lines.

 This is the actual Thames barrier that keeps the tidal flow controlled into London. The structures are very "Frank Gehryesque".

 Large expansive beautifully maintained lawn areas.

 An incredibly tall Beech Hedge Wall running the perimeter of the garden with fantastic plantings.

 Certain areas are left totally wild and uncut a wonderful contrast.

 Some of the plantings in the beech hedge area.

 An overview map of the park.

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sharon said...

so interesting thank you!