Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Barbados Horticultural Society's Show of Shows.....

The Barbados Horticultural Society  horticulturebarbados.com was formed in 1927 and their infamous flower shows were hosted at members homes. In the 1970's they started to acquire buildings and adjoining lands at Balls plantation giving them a permanent headquarters for their annual flower show. I  heard about this society from attending other garden shows in Toronto and Chelsea,London. They have won a treasure trove of gold medals at Chelsea.  I have been in the Caribbean for 5 winters and have never had the opportunity until now to attend this Show of Shows.

The cut flower entries were plentiful. I was amazed how fresh the Hybiscus stayed.

The BHS is world renowned for their flower arrangements and displays here are a few standouts

They also had a fine cactus and succulent display as well as potted plants and bonsai.

Outdoors were plenty of local vendors selling a wide array of plants.

A wonderful day out with my Bajan/Canadian gardener Deborah http://kilbournegrove.wordpress.com/

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