Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Snowdrop Surprise

I did some botanizing with Barry Parker at an Ontario Heritage House. The property has a very well established mass of Galanthus nivalus ,singles and doubles. As you can see by the pics below there has been some cross pollination and colour forms evolving over the century theyve been growing. Maybe rare and unusual??? It was fun checking out all the clumps to see what was different.


John Grimshaw said...

From the top:

1) G. nivalis 'Flore Pleno'

2) A yellowish G. nivalis, but this looks to me to be a late-emerging, or deep-planted specimen that has not yet achieved full chlorophyll, rather than a true yellow(a 'cow-pat surprise' in Galanthophile-speak).

The pale-coloured doubles in 3 & 5 are curious: they may be from the same cause as above, but also suggest a not quite fully yellow 'Lady Elphinstone'. They all need to be observed in future seasons.

4- a very neat double that looks to me like G. plicatus x G. nivalis 'Flore Pleno', but need to see foliage etc.

6) an aberrant 'Flore Pleno' producing large petaloids.

Nothing strikingly unusual here, but always fun to test your eye in a large colony.

John Grimshaw

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I missed the trip. I love them all, but especially that double yellow, I think I need one like that at Kilbourne Grove.

David Leeman said...

thanks John for the comment good to be brought back down to earth......no L 274 bulb here i guess,,,,,,,