Sunday, January 16, 2011

Explored Discoveries

This week I took a walk at the end of the days work. I went along a hiking trail closed due to the large amount of fallen trees and slides from Hurricane Tomas. This trail links the botanical garden to the old mill and estate house. A very interesting and quieter route than taking the road back to the estate house where im living. I had to do alot of up and over fallen trees and diverting around several landslides. Along the way I discovered some interesting plants that could be used in the botanical garden so I was glad to have taken this route back. Here are a few of the things i discovered along the way.

Alpinia zerumbet Shell Ginger


Unknown Shrub

Unknown Vine

A small African Snail

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Masha said...

Your pictures are great! I enjoyed your post. As a Californian, I am very familiar with dry shade:-).