Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome to this new phase in my life. Through a series of opportunities and chance events,  being in the right place at the right time, i have landed a dream job in St Lucia. I first came to St Lucia in Nov/Dec of  2008 as a  volunteer consultant at the botanical garden. I was able to create some new gardens and enjoy working with a new palette of plants. A friend in Toronto was able to get me a tour of the nearby  jade mountain/anse chastanet  a 600 acre resort. An impressive "Eco-Resort" before that term was ever coined. It offers a relaxed beach setting , infinite water activities, hiking and biking trails. The two facilities offer unmatched service and culinary experience. I was also given a tour of  Emerald Estate where ornamental plants are propagated for the resort gardens and fruit and vegetables are grown for the restaurants. All done organically and skillfully raised by St Lucians.
    After my return home to Toronto and through a series of events I was offered a position as Manager/Horticulturalist at Emerald Estate. I have now been here since January 29th and settled in nicely and feel wonderfully at home in my new surroundings.I hope to document my new life here in St lucia more through pictures than words. 

Here are the websites of the resort

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